Festival Wedding / Guest Glamping Accomodation

Avalon Yurts specialise in providing wedding couples and there friends and guests with a yurt accommodation package to be offered to their guests.

Yurt_Wedding_Glamping (4)

We have 10 x 16ft yurts that can accommodate from 2-5 people per yurt up to 40  in 10 Yurts

The yurts can be furnished to your requirements.  We can provide a double futon bed, bedding, cupboard, table & stove, Lights. Wood burners are extra.

Yurt wedding guest packages are based upon a minimum of 5 yurts.  We realise that guests will compare their accommodation costs against a B&B or hotel which we cannot beat.  We can ensure that their night is more memorable than a run of the mill hotel and we do try to keep the guests costs as low as possible.

All yurts must be paid for individually by each guest.
A deposit to secure the order is paid by the wedding organiser (this will be repaid upon completion of all the guests individual payments).