Yurts in severe weather

In light of the severe weather that battered the south during the mid winter holiday period a number of issues occurred with yurts through out the region.

Yurts evolved from central Asia, From the steppes of Mongolia, A huge open area with little protection. much of this area experience extreme weather with temperature fluctuating from – 40° to +40° and experiencing strong winds consistently,

Yurts and Gers are homes to nomadic herders. Moving frequently, these people can not waste time holding on to there yurts to stop them from blowing away, they use extras ropes to keep the cover from flapping and getting drag from the wind. they pile earth on to the ground edge of the canvas to stop wind getting underneath. they have the weight of the felt and central supports to aid stability. The outside cover is roped to stop excessive flapping eliminate wind getting under the canvas.

The yurt owner in Brittan that leaves the yurt up through the winter will need to be vigilant of the weather. We have had gusts of up to 120mph this year, this is a tremendous force,
this force when applied to the wall and roof will cause movement of the yurt. in extreme cases the movement will cause the roof poles to fall out, the crown may flex, the trellis may slide, the rain may get blown in under the crown cover.

Here are tips for the safety of the yurt -

if you don’t need the yurt to be up – take it down, this is not as daunting as you may think and will add years to the life of the canvas. As well as eliminate an chance of storm damage.

If the yurt needs to be up all winter it is important that the pegs anchoring the yurt to the ground are extra long and strong, Check the condition of the ropes replace if necessary, Consider adding extra ropes if you are in an exposed site.

Watch the yurt in the winds an identify any problems; flapping crown cover, wind lifting the valance. Rain blowing straight at the door, etc. Ask for advice about steps to take to minimize risk.

( Please ask for help and / or advise )



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