Yurt Care / Cleaning.

To be frank- this page could be called Canvas care,

99% of the questions I receive are about keeping the canvas looking good.

And the answers are usually – Scrubbing brush and clean water, NO soap,

Q. – What to do about the green that appears on the outside of the canvas,

A. – This is an Algae which grow / forms on any surface that is in shade, it will come of when scrubbed. the canvas should look good afterwards, ( white may show stains more than the colours. )

Q. – There is a black spot mould growing on the canvas,

A. – This is called Mildew, There are over 300 different strains of mildew, The canvas we use is the Fire Rot and Water treated, The rot treatment is a mould inhibitor, and will protect the canvas as best possible, However if a canvas is up and aired really well with a constant heat source then the mildew will struggle to get a hold, It will in my experience grow well in damp, dusty environments, I suggest taking the yurt down over winter if you can, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and keep well aired and as dry as possible,you should always put a yurt on a raised floor if its going in one place for any length of time.

If you research on the internet about mildew removal, you will find any number of solutions, purse these at your own risk,

Q. – Does the wood in the yurt need any special care?

A. – The wood will love being rubbed down with wire wool and covered in oil, I use a decking oil with a mix of boiled linseed. The frame should last you a life time if kept dry and oiled.

Q. – If I use detergent to clean the canvas,

A. – I have used detergents to clean canvas and the patio cleaner attachment of a pressure washer, I would in extreme circumstances, How ever i do not advise it, remove as soon as possible and be prepared to reproof the canvas if needed.

Q. – What do I reproof canvas with?

A. – Though there maybe a product released soon, I don’t know of any way to reapply rot treatment, but water and Fire treatments are findable on the web.. I use Grangers 5* for water treatment. I’ve not needed to replace fire treatment.