About Us

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The Birth of Avalon Yurts

In the beginning.
Many years ago at some random event I was attending a new structure appeared…. ” A yurt ” !!
At my first encounter, I fell for this space, entranced by the convergence and symmetry of a beautifully curved frame and the crown, – The Eye to the Heavens -

Easy to move, yet sturdy and strong, new and exciting.Inspired, I began researching Yurts and was drawn in to a new world of canvas covered structures built by people who lived simple and complete nomadic lives.

Unlike a Tipi though elegant – Yurts used wood burners which made keeping warm and breathing possible.

Unlike Domes – Yurts offered nurturing gentleness and a view of the sky.

Unlike Tents – Well, that goes without saying!

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The middle bit.
I chose to use canvas as a roof for my home and experimented with all the different structures I could think of and had learned about.
Finally building a Yurt roofed house which has seen 14 winters now.

My Partner and I began making Yurts for people in 2005 as the craze began, and the 3 or 4 Yurt makers that where established were fully booked for months in advance.


The present.
We have now completed over 100 yurts and are always busy. We supply campsites up and down the country, as well as to many individuals with homes or summer spaces,traveling stalls and play rooms.

We offer a full service from floors, insulation, wood burners,and advice.

We also Hire to Private, Public and Corporate customers,including the large Festivals we all know as well as smaller Greener Festivals such as The Neuf Party.
We have won awards at many shows and are very proud and confident of our Yurts.

We have an extremely happy client base, and an excellent track record, ” ebay would score us 99.99% positive feedback  ”

The future
As well as continuing to provide some of the best yurts in the country we would like to be setting up our own camp site to offer a great Yurt Experience to all who can afford it and some who can’t. We would like to support worthy organizations creating campsites that in-part, use Yurts to encourage people to experience more of the outdoors Lifestyle.

We like to work with conscientious people who value heart as much as money.. We won’t let you down!